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Despite Covid 19, Master Up continues. The programme that ALIAS-EQTEL organizes and produces with BLUM Comunicazione, dedicated to the best start-ups in the area, goes on.  A professor from the University of Bolzano, Christian Lechner, the Economic journalist Luca Barbieri and a different successful entrepreneur every episode, analyze the projects of the new emerging companies that sign up for the programme, which is filmed in the unique settings of an industrial local location.  After three years in business, during a yearly closing event, the judges assess which project has survived the fierce competition and who has achieved the best results: in other words, who has succeeded in the entrepreneurial project they set out to achieve. This year’s winner was Vertical Life, whose proposal was the latest most successful start-up.

The production of this programme involves the use of 8 cameras, all in 4K for “live”. It is then enriched by a series of filmed contributions regarding the company and the entrepreneur hosting the episode.  The finished product, which lasts approximately 40 minutes, is then produced in HD.

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